5 Digital tips for E-Hospitality Sectors

Having a billboard war between MacD and KFC or agents popping up like ads for booking of a room at their hotels, was a once upon a time theory.

Born and bought up in India, having roads filled with ads of grilled tacos or barbeques or having agents popping out for booking of a room at their hotels, are what always interested me, resulting in me asking my parents for a stay and a dine out.

But being grown up with Indian parents, I always have a common answer to hear “No”.

Well, that is not the entire point of conversation. The point which I want to bring forward is, these activities which I described in above paras was observed by a 10-year-old me. It has been 10 years since then

The 20 year me is now watching a completely revolutionarized globe which is changing every bits and moments of life rapidly that the 10 year old me observed and even got mesmorized and indulged in it.

Let me make it simple. Think of a model of the 2040 model. This example is brought forward in order to make all of us realize that physical advertising was a long-gone concept whose extinction is clearly observed in 2020.

The 2020s, 2030s, and periods after that will be dominated by the automated next-gen car, where you don’t have to be concerned about your ride and maybe always busy on your smartphone in controlling the car, posting insta stories, tagging on FB. I fear this may also exist or not during those times!

But the whole point is would you be concerned here to take out your head for a macD ad or checking in for Instagram stories and a MacD story pops in. So what do you miss here for your road to an Extra cheeseburger at MacD, an online or an offline ad?. And what do you love, an offline agent stalking you or an online agent engaging you?

Thus what is the whole point of this article is about how a digital model for your hospitality business helps you to fly your business to heights for atleast next 30 years.

But going digital needs money (although its a very small fee compared to the rate of profit given from it at IQra). No efforts are celebrated unless it is efficient. Thus for efficiency, you need tech geek hacks for your sector.

So, now I am jumping to the main topic now ” 5 digital tips”. But before having that, let me give you some core digital insights that will clear you about the Digital World.

  1. Why Transformation?
  2. The Transformation begins
  3. Government’s point of view
  4. A success story


Having a Hyper-Specialized Website: An online website is a base for an efficient online presence for a company. But what bounces off the people from your pages without having a look towards it properly or exploring it, is a bad design. Here is where the hyper-specialization comes into the picture. Through hyper-specialization, I mean giving a structure to your website with elements that people desire if they visit your site. For example, if you have a Dine Inn, and want people to visit your place, you can put up the map and booking options. After that, you may have your site covered with persuasive cuisine photos, etc. The point is that you should give a primary landing in the image of what actually your customers want- That’s Hyper-Specialization

Having a large base of content: People don’t search for companies most often if there is no specific need, but people do search the latest trends related to sector or industry which you serve. Top companies don’t have their sites published most of the time on google searches. but they do have their blogs. They keep posting the latest industry news through their blogs along with showing off how their company is best in this trend. This is a common thing known to most performers, but what is important and what makes your site to visit more persuasive is having a large effective content base.

Meta-Search Marketing: Meta Search is a search engine that pulls data from other travel sites and provides it to the consumer so they can view rates, availability, and pricing across other sites in one place. The most popular Meta Search platforms are Trivago, Kayak, and Google Hotel Ads. Since 2014 there is a drastic fall in ads and a rise in metasearch leading to star companies having 70% of their revenues from these meta-searches. The reason behind the huge change of weight in online marketing investment is the extremely strong rate of growth of metasearch engines, something which has led to a growth in investment that is much higher than that seen with ads (which is diminishing).

Having a balanced review portal: Why I used the word balanced instead of just positive? From personal experience, a site overloaded with positive reviews may give a suspicious look. It is brilliant to have your site covered with positive reviews, great testimonials but people always look for a balanced review portal through which they get easiness to select the best product from your portal as well as the company to market its best product. Thus, the word balanced is more effective than positive.

Being a Social Media geek: The social network offers media technologies that can facilitate online functionality and monitoring perspectives wherein the data gathered can be used to develop their services for customer satisfaction. The hospitality industry can use social media to engage customers and clients in dialogue and recognize their needs. Through the networking sites, the hospitality industry can interact with consumers before, during, and after the vacation experience. Social media advantages are abundances such as affordability, brand awareness, and brand positioning.

Therefore, I take an adieu from you. We as IQra are always with you- both offline and online. We pioneer firms to grow online and always have our support forwarded despite the positions they want to start from or despite the positions in which they are. From here it is your decision:

Be an offline struggler

Be an online king.

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