Travel tourism and hospitality is the India’s largest service company. This company is the best and largest employment generators in India . According to the UN’s World Tourism organization (UNWTO), the travel and tourism industry offers 6-7 percent of the world’s total jobs honestly and much more indirectly through the multiplier effect. Among 184 counties in terms of GDP contribution & the tourism industry. This industry in India is ranked 12th and the tourism industry in India is set to grow at 7.8%per year during 2013-2023.

This business is the most profitable industry among all the sector infect this industry is growing & improving the sector rapidly and today it is at  34th out of 140 countries overall as per the travel & tourism competitiveness report 2019.

1. How these businesses grow digitally?

Growing disposable income and the risen of millennial are making the travel and hospitality sector grow rapidly adopt various tools, technologies and digital platforms to improve customer experience say as per economics times reports. This digital era make all the business digital. The rampant penetration of smartphone has transformed the travel consumption pattern of the end user as per FCCI consultant. This digitalisation era grow the importance of this sector for the customer for bookings and taking services online.

Digital innovation & technological novelties are the engine of development and show their impact everywhere especially in manufacturing field. Even though this innovation help the travel many to become digitalised and because of this digitalisation many new thing are also originated. This industry work so much and accept all the challenges and today it is on top.

2.After Digitalisation of this sector:

Travelers today are highly dependent on technology like their mobile applications and digital platforms to make booking and plan trips. It is much benefited for the business to make digital innovation a part of the solution to help the growth continue in a sustainable manner. The proliferation of internet and technology is acting as a catalyst for speedy digitalisation of this zone.

Technology has helped to reduce cost, it enhance operational efficiency and improve services and customer experience. After this sector is digitalized, it helps the industry to replace the human energy into electric energy in simple words replace of human labor with technology expert. It reduces the labor cost but increase of electricity cost. Digitalisation provides services to their customer very easily and at very fast rate. Even the online sale of travel tickets is likely to increase at 14.8% annually during 2017-21.

If you want book a flight, train or bus back in 1950s, it would have taken 90 minutes to manually to process the reservation and the tickets would have cost more than today in real terms. Once on the plane, beyond the in-flight magazine, there was a lack of in-flight entertainment.

In today’s digital age where booking are confirmed in just a second and entire trip can be planned with few click on the technology, it’s hard to imagine life back in the “Golden Age Of Travel”. Thanks to technology, travelling today is more affordable, assessable and convenient than even before.

there are so many digital services platform provided by this industry like:, , ,, , www.irctc, , ,, and so many more. These are the sites which helps us to reach all over the world because of these applications we can easily book ad reach at that place .these all work done in just a  blink of an eyes.


The government of India implemented a new visa policy on 27th November 2014, allowing tourist & visitors to obtain  “visa on arrival “at 28 international airports and 5 sea airport ,by acquiring an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) online before arrival, without having to visit an Indian consulate or visa center. In April 2015, the “visa on arrival” renamed as “e-tourist visa “to avoid confusion. And this facility should eventually be expanded to around 180 countries.

As a result of new policy introduces, 56,477 tourist arrived on an e-tourist during October 2015, compared with 2,705 tourist arrivals during October 2014,representing a 1987.9% increase during the period from January to October 2015,a total of 258,182 tourist arrival on e-tourist visa and then after it is continuously increasing day by day or month by month .s


This is wonderful economic contribution to today’s economy. This world is full of digitalised, so travel enthusiasts are increasingly going online to execute their plans, your website need to be visible enough so that many customer can come book their ticks or hotels on your sites and sites should be attractive because people can approach only that sites which provide them good offers, etc.

After become digitalised government launch so many schemes to upgrade this sector so that today this sector is reached on top. From this entire world attract million of dollars just so foreigners get chance to experience life at new place. And this will help our economy to risen up.


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