How online reputation management works?

What is online reputation management?

Online Reputation Management concerns everything about the brand’s image in an online network. This network showcase all the platforms across the web such as search engines, comment sections, articles, news sites, social networking pages, and many more.

The actual definition includes – Online reputation management (ORM) is the practice of crafting strategies that shape or influence the public perception of an organization, individual or other entity on the Internet. It helps drive public opinion about a business and its products and services.

Source : Techopedia

ORM has nothing to do with your company size. Whatever the company size is it does require some amount of reputation to survive and conquer the market. Through this concept, the company of every size can be benefited. But first Are you fully aware of what is ORM? or through which factor companies image get hurt? What is the impact of those factors on your brand image? To get answers to these questions to read this article till the end.

Ratings given online by different users which ultimately manages as online reputation.

How does various factor impact your Online Reputation Management?

The brand image creates trust among people. And this trust can further turn a customer into a brand ambassador who circulates positive reviews in the online world which will ultimately enhance his brand image. However, there are various factors or in other words online reputation bombs which can ruin your brand’s image online and can put you and your brand in great trouble.

1. Lack of monitoring

Keep track of how you are performing online. Google yourself and see what the result is showing. Is it you? Or your competitor is appearing on your brand name? What people are saying about your brand, Are your pages updated with respect to content, Does your social media post getting views, are they engaging enough?

How to take care

Plenty of tools are available to monitor the brand in the online space some of them are Google Alerts, Twitter search, Social Mention. All the above-mentioned things need to be monitored by the business and get updated from time to time. However, not monitoring can harm your brand image up to a greater extent.

2. Criticism

People will always give their criticism in an open forum so that everyone should be aware of what has happened with them. So what one should do? Are they supposed to ignore these negative statements? Or are they expected to give a rude response?

How to take care

A rude response will further worsen the problem of brand image and not responding is not a solution either. When people will see your ignorance for the negative responses it will give a wrong image of not solving customer’s problem ultimately decreasing customer engagement. Instead of all these, they should be politely addressed and asked how this could be resolved. This effort would improve your brand recognition as well as your customers in the long term.

3. Low Ratings

Now a days internet users are keen to know the ratings given to a brand by other people. People check these ratings before getting engaged with that brand in any form to know the performance of the business in the market.

How to take care

A low rated website can reduce new customer interaction as well as the number of existing customers. This matter should be necessarily taken care of by the business. The ultimate reason should be found by the business and reviewers should be personally asked why they are giving low ratings and what all problems they are facing when engaging with the brand.

4. Negative comments

Usually, along with ratings people also mention their experience in the comment box in various platforms across the web. If the rating and comments are average or positive it is okay. But the moment people started writing negative comments, it becomes a matter of concern. 

How to take care

Brands should need to find out what makes customers write negative comments? Where they are lacking to provide a satisfying experience and for this, they need to take address customers personally and try to solve their problem. Because if once people saw the negative side of your business that impacts people who are searching for your brand adversely.

There are still loads of cases on the market that have struggled for online reputation management. They neglected the value of tracking the brand and reacting to inappropriate comments, thus damaging their image of the brand. To name a few, Nestle and Dark Horse Cafe.

How to optimize Online Reputation Management through a website?

In this era of digitalization, every business should have an online presence and website to go through. Website building is also a task for businesses to carry on with. There are many ways websites can be optimized to enhance the reputation of the Brand online. A few key points to optimize your website to achieve online brand image :

  • Separate landing pages for various locations and different subcategory products.
  • Bid on Brand Keywords, so that you can be 100% sure that you will rank on your brand name.
  • Special focus should be given to social media to keep track of negative responses.

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